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93.Godzilla roll.spicy tuna,avocado and crunchy flakes topped


with masago,eel sauce and jalapeno mayo

94.Creazy kyoto roll.fried shrimp,cream cheese topped with crab


flake and spicy sauce on top

95.Kiss of fire roll.spicy tuna,cucumber topped with slice tuna


and spicy mayo on top

96.Dragon roll.fried shrimp ,crab meat, cheese inside


with avocado on top ,jalapeno mayo and sirracha sauce

97. Viper roll.cream cheese,avocado,crab meat with Eel on top


jalapeno mayo and eel sauce on top

98 .Maki suchi roll. fried shrimp,yelolow tail, crab meat


cream cheese (deep fried) jalapeno mayo and eel sauce on...

99. Forest city spicy roll.crab meat and cheese inside


with Ebi shrimp,Eel,avocado on top ,spicy mayo and eel sauce...

100.Funny platter roll. one california roll ,4 piece spicy salmon roll.


and 4 piece spicy tuna roll with spicy sauce on...

101.Crazy tuna roll.spicy tuna ,quimichi sauce, cheese inside


with tuna on ntop and jalapeno mayo sauce on it

102.Maki city roll.smokey salmon,yellow tail fish, crab meat,


avocado inside (deep fried) with jalapeno mayo and eel sauce...

103.Negihama roll.yellow tail fish,fried shrimp, crab meat


avocado inside with yelow tail fish on top ,jalapeno mayo...